donderdag 8 mei 2008

The Rise

The Rise of a person, or more an Ascension towards a certain status goes through a long and twisty road.
Some paths who seem logicall turn out to be bad, those who seem bad turn out to be good.

After a long search since being lost, Pieter Seelowe wandered into a city.
Dark from the first looks, a blood fountain stood in the middle with a pavement of cobblestones going up and down between various buildings.
A large castle situated in the South Western corner which loomed over the city, and a smaller more normal looking mansion placed along the south edge.

It was an interesting city, much unlike the barren sandy wastes he had called home for too long.
Upon arrival he noticed several familiar faces, whom he had know from passing by.

Being the more technology interested person he endedup joining a group that consisted of likeminded folks and various types of robots, and other such things.
As a Punk he walked the streets, usually alone due to his sleeping pattern but that didn't matter to him, he was there.

During his time in the city Pieter was mett with a certain type of unkind folk around, Vampires, oh how he hated their guts.
Blood suckers, all of them, no good for nothing things that live off of Humans like parasites.
After a little while he got tired of them constantly bullying around and walked up to the biggest person in this vampire clan.
His name was Dante, amidst a group of Vampires he asked if he was the leader to which the man nodded.
Pieter looked with a certain glint in his eyes as his true self arose out of the depths of his feelings, "You should leash those bunch of doggs you got there, your a joke with them around as all they can do is run to safety when shit happens".

Many battles between the Punks and these lott broke out eventually, but more on that later.

vrijdag 25 april 2008

The Guardian, Myth or Reality

First Entry :
I am planning to chronicall my past, present and future thoughts here.

Main Entry: guard·ian
Pronunciation: \ˈgär-dē-ən\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English gardein, wardein
Date: 15th century
1 : One that guards : custodian
2 : One who has the care of the person or property of others
guard·ian·ship -ˌship\ noun
Someone special told me once, it's more then a title, it's something you are, in this case me.
More then just a title, it's a state of mind.
One who Guards their friends and loved ones, from the various threats you could think of, be it Physicall, Emotional or other means of Harm.

I get percieved alot as a Monster because of what i hang out with, whom i call Friend and more important Family.
I get called freak because of how i look, "Yes i got a tail, deal with it.".
I even was told i am a traitor to my own kind once, for not being in their little gang, well excuuuuse me, but i aint some mere puppet, i tend to enjoy the strings into my own hands.
I am a Guardian because i am, not by choice, but by whom i in Essence am.
No one can ever take that away or diminish that way of thinking, or acting.

There are luckily those who know better, those who looked further, either by innocence, curiosity or simply being smarter and knowing better then the rest,
Lucky.., for me.
They have my gratitude and protection, for them..

I am a Guardian aswell.